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Breakfast in Black Diamond
for members
(and guests)
Daily except Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.


Just another reminder that breakfasts at the Griffiths Centre are being
served daily except Sunday, Monday and Wednesday,
from 8:00 AM until 11:00 AM.

You and a guest may come on
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
along with other members and guests and enjoy some of
the fine breakfast fare that
Bonnie is putting together for us.

The menu is very reasonably priced as follows:

Eggs (any style) with bacon, sausages, or ham$8.00
Ham or Bacon & Cheese Omelette$8.00
Loaded Omelette$9.00
Eggs Benedict (Large - 2 eggs)$8.00
Eggs Benedict (Small – 1 egg)$6.00
*******above include hashbrowns (or tomato) plus toast*******
Pancakes with bacon, sausages, or ham$8.00
Pancakes without $6.00
Cinnamon Pancakes with bacon, sausages, or ham$8.00
Cinnamon Pancakes without $6.00
French Toast with bacon, sausages, or ham$8.00
French Toast without $6.00
Bonnie’s Stacked Hash Browns$6.00
Breakfast Wrap$6.00
Egg McMuffin$6.00
Toasted Denver (open or closed)$6.00
Poached Eggs on Toast with hashbrowns$6.00
Toasted Bacon & Tomato$5.00
Other combinations available- - just ask!
***********(all items above include coffee/tea)**************
Toast (white or brown)$2.00
Juice (apple, orange)$1.00

Other variations are possible, just ask Bonnie.

Please be reminded that these breakfasts and other dinners to follow
are available ONLY for members of the Griffiths Centre and are
not available to the general public.

You are entitled to bring a guest (usually your spouse)
or out-of-town guests.

Please come out and help us make this venture a success.

To book events, write to griffithscentre@hotmail.com
Send reports and pix of events to events@griffithscenter.com