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Hall Rental / Booking / Usage Rules
The Griffiths Senior Center in Black Diamond provides hall rental with amenities,
including a fully equipped and inspected kitchen.
To book the facilities, write to griffithscentre@hotmail.com
or call Tel 403 933 0170
Rental Rate: Effective December 1, 2019, the Main Floor rental rate is $40.00 per hour, (minimum of 3 hours) to a maximum of $350.00 per day. The rental amount must be paid in full prior to the rental period. Should the kitchen be required, an additional fee of $60.00 will apply. The Lounge downstairs rental rate is $30.00 per hour to a maximum of $200.00 per day.

Payment: Cheque or cash only. Cheques are payable to: Griffiths Memorial Senior Centre.

A receipt will be provided if requested.

Security/Damage/Cleaning Deposit: A security/damage/cleaning deposit of $300.00 is required prior to the event. This may be in the form of a cheque or cash which will be returned within 14 days after the event providing no damages to the facility and its contents are evident and that no items are missing and that the facility is left in a clean and tidy condition.

Keys: One entrance key may be provided which must be returned once the event has been completed. The key should be left in the kitchen drawer nearest the door and the front door locked from within prior to exiting the building. A fee of $300.00 will be assessed should the key not be returned or lost as all locks will then have to be re-keyed.

Liquor License: It is the responsibility of the renter to obtain and display a liquor license should alcohol be served at the event.

Clean – Up: The facility is provided in a clean and tidy condition and it is expected that it will be returned in the same manner and arrangement of tables and chairs. Cleaning supplies are available including mops, brooms, vacuum, etc. and will be pointed out at time of rental.

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Insurance: The Renter shall obtain Commercial General Liability insurance coverage to protect against liability for damage claims through public use arising out of accidents occurring in or around the facility.  The insurance policy shall provide a minimum coverage amount of $2,000,000, and name Griffiths Memorial Senior Centre as an additional named insured.

If alcohol is being served at any time during the rental period, the Renter must obtain the applicable liquor license and Host Liquor Liability Insurance in accordance with the number of guests anticipated to be in attendance.

A Certificate of Insurance evidencing the above must be received prior to the rental.

Renters will have the option of paying a cleanup fee of $60 per event at time of rental, or clean and tidy-up the facility by themselves. Should the premises not be returned in a clean and tidy manner (including the kitchen, if used), a cleanup fee will be assessed and deducted from the Security/Damage/Cleaning Deposit.

Garbage Removal : Garbage and recycling materials (bottles, cans, etc.) are to be removed from the premises by the renter.

Tables and Chairs: Tables and chairs are available for approximately 90 people. Table cloths (if required) are located in the credenza cabinet near the kitchen entrance. Cloth table coverings are available upon request and if used, must be washed, ironed, and returned by the renter to the Griffiths Centre within 2 days.

Children are most welcome but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. They are not permitted in the downstairs lounge area unless accompanied by at least one adult. The downstairs lounge is not a play area for children. (No running or ‘horse-play’ please)

Additional washrooms are available downstairs which can be accessed from the front end of the facility.

Heating/Lighting: Upon completion of the event, please ensure that the thermostat is turned down to 65F degrees. (Please DO NOT adjust the program on the thermostat) If necessary, please use the up and down keys to adjust the temperature. The thermostat is located on the large post near the front entrance. Also, all inside lights must be turned off and all doors locked upon leaving the building.

At the Griffiths Center we provide programs and activities for seniors in the community to meet their recreational, health and social needs.  The Griffiths Center is also known as the Griffiths Memorial Community Center and the Griffiths Senior Center, all names also with classical spelling of centRE: Griffiths Centre and Griffiths Memorial Centre.

122 Government Road in the center of Black Diamond, Alberta.
Griffiths Center, Box 1024, Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0  Tel 403 933 0170  griffithscentre@hotmail.com
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