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2018 AGM

Tuesday, January 30: Annual General Meeting at 1:00 PM. Please make a genuine effort to attend this meeting where our past successes and future plans will be discussed as well as elections for a new Board. If you are interested in any of the positions on our Board, please advise by return email. We would like to hear from you regarding any new activities we should consider having at our Centre.

Volunteers: We are constantly in need of volunteers for our breakfast and dinner programs. A calendar of these needs is located in the kitchen area, so if you can spare a day or two throughout the month or are available on a regular weekly basis, please place your name on this list. Every little bit of help is sincerely appreciated and contributes greatly to the success of our Centre.

June 2017 Minutes

JUNE 10, 2017 @ 3:00pm

1 CALL TO ORDER: Vice-President Andy Melnyk called meeting to order at 3:04pm.

2 APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Mimi Fortin motioned to approve agenda. Seconded by Les Miller. Carried.

Peggy LeBoutiller motioned to approve the minutes. Seconded by
Lena Nelson. Carried.

4. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Vice-President Andy Melnyk presented President’s report.
1. Board meetings were held in February, March, April and May.
First meeting primarily to get to know each other and spread some duties.

Anne-Marie Kloiber will be looking after all purchasing necessary for the Centre .

John LeBoutiller will be responsible for all maintenance.

Malcolm Carvel is looking after the website

Charlotte Martens continues with her kitchen volunteerism efforts.

Andy will continue to look after bookings, casino, memberships, events and communications.
Rentals are not conflicting with activities at the Centre.
Membership consist of 56 members over 80, 286 paid-up members and 79 still unpaid for a total of 421. If any unpaid members are here please see me
after the meeting. If memberships are not paid by the end of June, they will be deleted.

2 . Front deck and wall have been power washed. There was an outside waterline breakage due to freezing, causing water damage in the basement. Everything has been repaired.

3 The floor has been stripped and refinished and new registers were installed.

4. We had a GAIN session take place here on May 2nd with approximately 22
people attending.

5. Parking signs have been installed around the Centre.

6. New low-impact exercise program coming in July for seniors with mobility issues. Email with more information will be sent to members.

7. New Brewery coming to Black Diamond. Will hopefully provide beer for our Oktoberfest supper.

5. FINANCIAL REPORT: Audrey Cerkvenac, Treasurer presented the financial report. See attached.
The Griffiths Centre received 2 donations in total of $1850.00 We are budgeting Casino money until next casino, which will be some time in 2019.
Audrey moved that the Financial Report be accepted. Seconded by Marika
d’Ailly. Carried.

6. WEBSITE: Malcolm Carvell reported on website. He thanked Helmut Morscher for his contribution to the website. They are working on an internet provider for the Centre. A computer has been donated and will be installed for members to use as soon as the internet provider has been acquired. A Forum page is being developed. To promote the Centre, more recent photos will be uploaded. Helmut also requested Bios of Board Members.
Cribbage night (Mondays) is continuing over the summer.

a) Development of Games Room. The very back room would be converted to the storage room. The present storage would be renovated into the games room. We could possibly place a pool table, ping pong and darts in that room.
There is no room for pickle board as a member had requested. One of the members is prepared to donate a pool table. The downstairs is not being utilized enough. It needs a makeover to make it more inviting. Would probably attract more hall rentals.

b) Acquiring Washer/Dryer. Andy Melnyk’s neighbour is donating a set to the Centre.

c) Lighting. Perimeter Lighting. Need more ideas from members. Helmut M. stated that he had some ideas.

d) Sound System. A wireless sound system is under consideration. We would like input from our members.

e) Continuing Dessert and Theme Night. They are very popular. Members are in favour.
f) Games Night. Members were not too keen on a Games night. It was tried once before. Games and pie night combined and it was not successful. Theme Dinners are very popular.

g) Collector Fest 2017. Lion’s club Tim Beers gave a talk on
Collector Fest which will be held at the Griffiths Centre, Saturday, October 28, 2017 from 9am-3pm.

h) Quilters. There will be a Quilt Show & Tea at the Griffiths Centre,
Saturday, September 30, 2017 from 1pm-4pm. Volunteers will be required in the kitchen.

Past President, Leslie Miller thanked the Board for their support.

8. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Quarterly General Meeting
Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 3:00pm followed by Happy Hour then Oktoberfest Supper.
9. ADJOURNMENT: Les Miller motioned to adjourn. Seconded by Cecily Fowlie at 3:50pm.

At the Griffiths Centre we provide programs and activities for seniors in the community to meet their recreational, health and social needs.  The Griffiths Centre is also known as the Griffiths Memorial Community Centre and the Griffiths Senior Centre. We also have http://griffithscentre.ca and http://griffithscenter.ca
Griffiths Senior Centre
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