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Volunteers: We are constantly in need of volunteers for our breakfast and dinner programs. A calendar of these needs is located in the kitchen area, so if you can spare a day or two throughout the month or are available on a regular weekly basis, please place your name on this list. Every little bit of help is sincerely appreciated and contributes greatly to the success of our Centre.

At the Griffiths Centre we provide programs and activities for seniors in the community to meet their recreational, health and social needs.  The Griffiths Centre is also known as the Griffiths Memorial Community Centre and the Griffiths Senior Centre. We also have http://griffithscentre.ca and http://griffithscenter.ca
Griffiths Senior Centre
122 Government Road
Box 1024, Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0 
Tel 403 933 0170  griffithscentre@hotmail.com

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