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Hi everyone
As this pandemic virus infection develops we are seeing so much coverage on TV and, if like me, you may be reaching saturation point. However, it is still useful to have a few trusted and important links to check on information and facts. Unfortunately a lot of what flies around Facebook and the internet is just not correct, please be careful.

The links below go to trusted / official sites to save at least some of the checking and research necessary to be sure you are getting good information. Just click the coloured links and you should go straight there. If you have information overload ..... just go and have a coffee and put your feet up on the deck in the glorious sunshine! This will all still be here tomorrow. What are the town’s doing? Black Diamond & Turner Valley In need of food but struggling for cash – check this site for food bank information in Okotoks, or this for more local Oilfields Foodbank info.

Local health supports – Kristen Braid from the local Calgary Rural Primary Care Network has a lot of health related support resources (too many to list separately here) but she is happy to be a first contact if you are looking for anything health related, locally (Tel: 403-601-9810).

Learn to Move attendees will know Kristen of course from that group.

How can you access money supports from the government?
What about the Province?
And national virus updates at Federal level?
Interested in the world-wide statistics? I haven’t yet seen a clearer 'dashboard' of information than this from John Hopkins University (updated hourly).

If you really want to get into the big world response well here is the connection to the World Health Organisation for the global picture.

Some information sources are out of date as soon as published, but those above are updated with genuine and current information on a regular basis. Many websites are just myth or wrong, some are dangerous, and others, like for example Snopes, sadly just criminal.

If you have any doubts at all about something you are reading, whether spread by well intentioned friends, or those trying to deceive on Facebook or websites, then DON'T look at Snopes.com – that is NOT a reliable site, since they color everything toward fanatical liberals.
For a real myth-buster site go to Truth or fiction.

Hope this helpful.
Stay safe and healthy everyone.

For the big world wide live dashboard go to
https://ncov2019.live/ It will take you a while to customize it and "star" your favorite provinces and countries, but the next time you open it, those starred locations will be on top. If you want the details about Alberta, go to the Alberta Government Covid site
Those yuppies have not figured out yet how to make a short, typable URL, so just click on the link.

That site shows the stats for the different parts of Alberta. OOOPS, we just lost another one.

By the way, if you go to Costco, they will offer you a free high quality mask.

If you don't have a Costco membership card, tell the door guard that you just want to go to the pharmacy. They will let you in.

And you get to keep your mask!

Have FUN!