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Board Members, 2018

President: Don Gallaher resigned.

Interim President:
Eileen Brownell,
email amma3365@gmail.com

Andy Melnyk

Secretary: Anne-Marie Kloiber
Treasurer: Audrey Cerkvenac
Past President: Les Miller, Bio
Board Members: Faye Lyon, Brian Corson,
Peggy LeBoutiller, John LeBoutiller,
Malcolm Carvell - Cribbage - Bio
Reinhard Kloiber: rkloiber@platinum.ca

Activities Requiring Management and/or Oversight

Rentals Manager: (Andy) griffithscentre@hotmail.com Maintain and update rental ‘Terms & Conditions’ agreement. Coordinate use of all space at the Centre including seniors’ activities such as exercises, quilting, curling, choir, cards, dinners, breakfasts, etc. Administer all rentals and coordinate the efficient use of the facility. Requests for space are received by telephone and via emails both of which are listed on our website, outside signage, brochures, and links from the Town’s website. Coordinate the opening of the Centre to outside rentals and ensure they understand the terms and conditions of the rental agreement and obtain their signatures of this understanding, collect appropriate fees and, if requested, provide a receipt.

Events Manager: (Andy) (Social Director) griffithscentre@hotmail.com Ensure all Seniors’ events are planned with our Cook and Volunteer Coordinator for the breakfast program, monthly theme dinners, luncheons, dessert nights, and other socials events. Post notices of all seniors’ events inside the Centre (print & whiteboard), print tickets as required and make them available for sale at the kitchen outlet. Provide information of the event(s) to the Communications Coordinator for emailing to the membership.

Volunteers Coordinator: (Charlotte) Volunteers are required for all activities related to the above events including the set-up and take-down of tables and chairs, serving, door tickets, bar service, etc. In planning the event with our Cook, ensure sufficient volunteers are available for each activity as mentioned particularly for our breakfast and dinner programs.

Building Maintenance Manager: (John) Ensure any planned renovations are approved by the Board and coordinate the activity with any contracted services (electrical, plumbing, building, etc.). Oversight is required for current janitorial services, lawn care, snow removal, etc. to ensure the facility is accessible and clean at all times for our members and others. (Help is also provided by Don, Brian, & Andy)

Membership Manager: (Andy) Maintain an up-to-date list of members along with phone contacts and emails, collect annual fees as required, print membership cards and ensure emails are provided regularly to the Communications Coordinator for contact with our members.

Casino Coordinator: (Andy) griffithscentre@hotmail.com Maintain contact with AGLC and provide necessary information as required or requested by AGLC. Prior to the Casino (Fall of 2019) coordinate list of volunteers for each position required by the Casino, communicate with the Casino as required, arrange for bus transportation for volunteers and ensure all positions are covered.

Website Manager: (Malcolm) cribbage@griffithscentre.com  Ensure our website is kept up-to-date and coordinate the management of the website with our Web Designer. Ensure the website is easily accessible to all and contains as much relative information as possible for and about our members including the posting of events, etc.

Cribbage manager: (Malcolm) Bio Coordinate cribbage events and send results to the webmaster, provides report at AGM.

Grants Manager: (Leslie) Solicit and seek out all grants and information for any large projects being considered for the upkeep and physical changes to the Griffiths Centre. This includes items such as renovations, replacement (i.e. flooring), appearance (Boom-Town frontage), etc.

Communications Coordinator: (Andy) griffithscentre@hotmail.com Communicates with membership via emails and postings by providing information and updates to any planned events at the Griffiths Centre. Communicates with all outside sources pertaining to activities and information regarding the Griffiths Centre including other seniors groups, AGLC, etc.

Purchasing Manager: (Anne-Marie) Ensures all supplies for the operation of the Centre are kept in stock including items such as garbage bags, paper towels, toilet paper, soaps & cleaners, coffee, liquor, and other confectionaries as required.

Floor Curling: (Dave) Coordinates the make-up of teams, schedules, and required supplies for Floor Curling including the set-up and take-down of furniture, waxing supplies, repairs, and upkeep of equipment and ensuring the floors are cleaned of any wax residue from each event.

Quilting: (Gail) Coordinates all activities relating to quilting and provides annual report at AGM.

Choir: (Ernestine) Coordinates all activities relating to the choir and provides report at annual AGM.

Cards: (Lois) Provides report at annual AGM.

Exercises: (Elinor) Provides report at annual AGM.

Webmaster: (Helmut) h@webby.com, webmaster@griffithscentre.com Web design and updates as authorized by the web manager, answer any web or computer related questions.

If you have a bio or interesting article, send them to me. We have lots of space.

All above positions are to communicate and coordinate any changes to their activities regarding timing, day changes, deletions (i.e. summer break) with the Rentals Manager to ensure space is available and accounted for.
Some positions are dual positions (i.e. Rentals and Communications)

At the Griffiths Centre we provide programs and activities for seniors in the community to meet their recreational, health and social needs.  The Griffiths Centre is also known as the Griffiths Memorial Community Centre and the Griffiths Senior Centre. We also have http://griffithscentre.ca and http://griffithscenter.ca
Griffiths Senior Centre
122 Government Road
Box 1024, Black Diamond, AB  T0L 0H0 
Tel 403 933 2167  griffithscentre@hotmail.com

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Andrew (Andy) Melnyk andy@griffithscentre.com

Vice-President Griffiths Senior Centre
Genuine Alberta farm boy worked in the Airline industry for 42 years at various locations across Canada including Vancouver, the Yukon, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal with the last 25 years in scheduling the airlines' commercial and charter schedules and finally completing his career with Air Canada in Montreal before retiring back in Alberta. Work requirements involved extensive travel throughout Canada, USA, Europe, and Asia along with some leisure travel as well.

Interests include fishing, golfing, camping with grandkids, travel, being involved in community affairs, and truly enjoying retirement.

Malcolm Carvell Malcolm@griffithscentre.com

In the area since 2008
Lives in Millarville area
Work- Retired after an illustrious career in Engineering (Oil & Gas)
Married with 2 kids, 2 cats & 2 part time horses.
Hobbies are- cooking (& eating), rambling & keeping fit,
D.I.Y. and working on my property.
Griffiths center involvement since 2014.

Director:- responsible for web site direction and Cribbage
You can write to Malcolm at Malcolm@griffithscentre.com

Leslie (Les) Miller lesmar4748@gmail.com

Les and his wife Marilyn moved to Black Diamond in 2013. They are blessed with 2 children and 4 grandchildren. Both retired (young Seniors). Les is an active participant with the Black Diamond Gospel Chapel, the Economic Development Committee of Black Diamond and the Turner Valley Royal Canadian Legion. Les is a Past President of the Griffiths Memorial Seniors Centre and has served on the Board since 2014.